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2014 Visiting Artist Workshops
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2014 Visiting Artist Workshops

January 17-19       Nathan Sandberg | Vitrigraph Cane and Murrini
January 21-23       Nathan Sandberg | Vitrigraph Cane and Murrini 2
February 14-17     Richard Parrish | Working in Shallow Space:  Bas Relief in kinformed glass
April  21-24            Richard Parrish
  | Tapestry
April  25-28            Richard Parrish | Tapestry 
October 16-19       Martha Pfanschmidt |  Layed Assemblage

Don't miss an opportunity to take a class from the Masters in Eagle, Idaho.


Richard Parrish

WORKING IN SHALLOW SPACE: Bas Relief in Kilnformed Glass
Feb 14-17, 2014 

4 Days/10 am - 5 pm

To Register or Inquire:
or call 208-938-1055


Bas relief is found in the art and architecture of all cultures and has existed for thousands of years.  It is a kind of carving or sculpture in which the figures are raised or depressed slightly from a flat background to give a three-dimensional effect.  Subtle changes in the levels of the surface and the interplay of light and shadow on the planes enable us to see and appreciate the composition.  

This class explores the rich possibilities of working in relief in kilnformed glass.  Simple materials such as fiber paper are used to create complex forms, shapes and textures.  Intricate surface relief, texture, color and light interactions are possible in “shallow space.”  The workshop will include a brief survey of the use of relief in art and architecture throughout history.  Sheet glass, frit and powder are the primary glass materials used.  Coldworking techniques will be used to create additional textures and to finish the work.  Numerous reference samples will be made in preparation for a comprehensive final project.

This workshop focuses on the intent and techniques that Richard used for his "Mapping" work.  View more of Richard's work at

from Richard!

TAPESTRY: the integration of idea, design, color, pattern, and technique 

Apr 25-28, 2014 

4 Days/10 am - 5 pm

To Register or Inquire:
or call 208-938-1055


Richard Parrish's Tapestry bowls, trays and wall panels are widely recognized for their intricate patterning and coloration. This new workshop will explore how an original idea develops into a comprehensive line of studio glass work. The Tapestry pieces rely on color relationships, design, and technique for success.

Workshop participants will make two finished pieces as they are introduced to the major techniques involved in making, and how those techniques result in the subtleties of color use and pattern making that make Richard’s Tapestry pieces so compelling. The first piece will introduce the necessary techniques and initial color and pattern thoughts. The second piece will be a significant piece carried through from beginning to finished piece while focusing on the importance of well-made and well-finished work. Additional small samples and study pieces will be introduced along the way.

Richard’s Tapestry pieces are based on a belief that work that begins with ideas and is supported by design and technical knowledge will be stronger, more personal and more original than those works without a solid foundation of these critical components.


Nathan Sandberg

Vitrigraph Cane & Murrini AND Vitrigraph & Murrini 2

Vitrigraph:    Jan 17-19, 2014

Vitrigraph 2:  Jan 21-23, 2014

each session 3 days/9:30-5
$475 per session

To Register or Inquire:
or call 208-938-1055

Vitrigraph Cane and Murrini        Jan 17-19
Taking a thoughtful approach to using the Vitrigraph kiln we can create cane and murrine that rival those created in a hot shop.
Capitalizing on the ways glass can be arranged in and flows from a crucible, students in this innovativeworkshop will learn to create reproducible decorative canes and intricate murrini using the Vitrigraph Kiln. These 
elements can then, immediately, be used in other kiln-glass projects.  Students will be handling and manipulating hot, molten glass. No prerequisites.

Vitrigraph Cane and Murrini 2       Jan 21-23

A year or more has probably passed since you were first introduced to the potential of the Vitrigraph kiln, when used thoughtfully, to create cane and murrine. In this updated workshop you will learn how the methods have advanced since then. You will also have a chance to reconnect with other, experienced Vitrigraph users to compare notes and experiences.

By taking the time to pre-pull and/or pre-fuse components, our options for making intricately designed cane and murrine increase. This class will focus on the pre-pulled and pre-fused component and how the various forms of glass (sheet, frit, rods) can be exploited to reach new levels.

View Nathan's work at www.nathansandberg.com

Martha Pfanschmidt

Layered Assemblage
Oct 16-19, 2014

3 1/2 Days : 10 am - 5 pm

To Register or Inquire
or call 208-938-1055


Layered Assemblage
Using colored glass powders on clear sheet glass, you will develop patterns and images, fire them, cut them up, and then reassemble and stack them into compositions two to four layers thick. The final firing will result in visually complex finished works.  This workshop is ideal for artists from other media and beginning to advanced kiln-glass practitioners. Glass cutting is minimal - it's mostly about color and design! 



Do you need a place to stay in Eagle?   The Hilton Garden Inn is only 5 minutes from Fusions Glass Studio.  208-938-9600. 

There are several hotels in Boise 15-20 minutes from the Studio.  Call us for suggestions.

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